Hallmark Celebrations Game by Parker Brothers

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Do your remember yours friend's birthday? What month your neighbor got their dog? Or maybe the day your sibling lost his first tooth?

These are just a few things that you may have to remember when playing CELEBRATIONS. This game challenges your ability to recall the special occasions that the orther players share with you. The more you remember, the more points you score! You'll also get to send a beautiful mini Hallmark card to another player. These cards add a fun twist to the game with multiple choice questions, fun activities and holiday trivia.

  • So gather your friends and get ready to share the times of your life. Contents:
  • Gameboard, 6 cardholders
  • 1 playing piece
  • 24 celebration chips
  • 6 scoring markers
  • 220 mini cards
  • 12-sided dice in a globe
  • label sheet, card rack and instructions.

For 2 to 6 players. Ages 12 and up. Dimensions: L 10 1/2" x W 2 1/2" x H 10 1/2"

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