24PC Velvet Hang N Hold Hanger Set

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Set of 24 Hanger Set / Closet Organizer

The Hang N Hold Gripping Hangers are revolutionary. The anti slip material on these wonderful luxurious hangers will guarantee that that clothes will stay on the hangers and not end up on the floor.

The Hang N Hold Gripping Hangers are also ultra thin which means that they increase the space in your wardrobe by up to 75%. While they are ultra thin, they are also manufactured to great strength and can hold a heavy coat just as well as a strapped lightweight top. Neither will fall off.

Takes up practically no space - Great to travel. The top of the hanger is designed to keep collars in shape. The long hook protects turtlenecks. This slim soft-touch hanger is made so your clothes won't fall off or wrinkle. Makes your closet more organized than ever before. Included in this set:

  • 8-Suit hangers
  • 10-Finger clips to hang skirts and more
  • 6-Mini cascade hooks to maximize closet space


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